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Welcome to Moodle 4 Webheads: The WIKI


The purpose of this Wiki is to allow Webheads STUDENTS and TEACHERS to post links that will identify their web presences.


You can meet the LanguageTeachers and LanguageStudents at <-- these links.

Visit Webpresence 2.0: The Moodle here: http://webpresence.pbwiki.com/

Another community we support is EFL BRIDGES at http://www.eflbridges.com/



  • How do I write in this wiki, and make bold, italics, tables, and more? Check out our wiki style page!Start playing around with this wiki! Go to one of these links:Or you can create your own page** (2 ways)
    • First, you can type a word with SeveralCapitalLetters (or even type NewPage), which will automatically create a link to that page! A dashed underline means the page doesn't exist yet.
    • Second, you can put [brackets] around any word to create a new page. For example, if you wanted a page named cars, you could just type [cars].



LanguageTeachers LanguageStudents

Then click the Edit this page to add or edit your information




Have fun playing with this Wiki. Please don't change anything anyone ELSE has written (courtesy).


Here's how to start a page, just write a word with two capital letters, like this:


This is Tom's page: visit TomLeverett


Click here to see what Antonio has been up to.



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