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Weaving together the wiki fabric of webpresence in the social context


Ok - I'll jump out on deep waters and show my active participation through wiki.

Vance is logging in from internet caf├ęs as a true cyber nomad, each time hoping for feedback on this webpresence experiment.


For the past five years, I've been a virtual citizen in the Electronic Village Online. I was moving into the world of the wild and crazy webheads, considering myself a fumbling self paced language learner seeking to develop my outdated school English so that I could communicate on a more professional level with likeminded peers. Without really considering any other way round, I was somehow pulled and immersed into the process of becoming a webhead, soon also getting moderation priviledges and a function of welcoming hostess and cheerful playmate, sometimes the mad clown role that used to fit me so well. It was during these first months of 2002 that new webheads like Daf, Tere and Rita invaded my life world and we had many hours of fun creating our first webpresence in the shape of a carnival homepage and photo reportages live form our own kitchen for our collection of local cookingrecipes - as English language lessons. Daf's Valencian Paella, Tere's Portuguese cod fish, Rita's Empanadas from Argentina and Sus's just plain Danish Pancakes have been served for many later events, as virtual play food! We also created our first Bravenet World map I think,with pins for each recipe!


Let us see how photos come upin this wiki. I've uploaded two pictures from my own computer. PW wiki then suggest that I can right click the image to copy the URL, and paste it in- But this only shows the URL, for a new window. There must be a tag for a picture showing on the page. Anyway now I know I can just write a fullURLand it will rutn into an active link. This image taken from part of our Frappr map from our EVO 2006 Collaborative Blogging in ESL/EFL workshop during the first week to show how many European countries were represented. Since then mnay more participants have joined us - I think we're now about 150 from almost 50 countries all over the world, a truly international workshop I would say.




SusNyrop (to be continued)


PS I'm currently blogging here http://elgg.net/netopnyrop/weblog

and our workshop collablog will be here http://blogenough.blogspot.com

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