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Visit Webpresence 2.0: The Moodle here: http://webpresence.pbwiki.com/


I'm Vance and here's my picture. How did I get this picture? I posted it to a Frappr photo album (where you put your face on the map). Then I viewed my picture there, right clicked on it, and selected PROPERTIES. I copied the URL from the properties box and pasted it in the table here. I created the Table in PBWiki, using Wiki Style. Check it out and do something similar below!


This is an example of how you and your students can create a web presence. Last year I ran a course similar to this where we explored various ways to create webpresence. We came up with this Buzznet blog. Have a look: http://webpres2005.buzznet.com/


Now taking this particular blog, which I set up to help us organize our "class" last year, you can click on a picture to bring up its entry, and each entry has a URL (displayed in your browser URL line). For example, let's see the entry for Maria in Korea: http://webpres2005.buzznet.com/user/?p=1&id=811731


You can right click on the big picture to get its url and use that to display in any page that displays HTML on the Internet. For example, let's put Maria's picture here, and to make it attractively display, we'll put it in a Wiki Style table here (to see how it's done clik on Edit This Page, type in the participant password, and view the underlying code): -->


So, now what's the difference between this year and next year? Well apart from having THREE (count them!!) THREE moderators, and an emphasis on Moodle and all sorts of other Web 2.0 goodies, the BIG DIFFERENCE between this year and last was that I (me!!) was maintaining everyone's portal web presence last year. THIS year, I want the participants to do it!


How can YOU (not me!) maintain your own webpresence? One way is to work through a Moodle, where participants update their own profiles. Another is to use web tools such as Frappr and Flickr where participants again are responsible for what they put there. Yet another way is to use a WIKI such as this one, where yet again, participants ... YOU ... can write here and create your own links and entries.


I think it would be great if you could all put LINKS here to your web presences. You can do this in a number of ways:


(1) You can put your links directly on this page, and

(2) you can put your name in JoinedTogetherCapitals on that page and create a new page in


the wiki which you maintain ... or

(3) create your own wiki or any other web page and link it from here where you retain the password.



OK, enough from me. Your turn now. The space below is yours. Get the password from Vance or from our Yahoo Group: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/webpresence/


Have F.U.N. !!


I'm Valentina - Thanks Vance for inviting us to join this. I'm based in the south of Italy. I have been an EFL teacher at the University of Naples (Italy) for over 10 years (we have just started using http://www.nicenet.org an extra web-based clasroom. I live in Salerno with my two children (11+15) where I also run my own “24hour” (http://www.24hours.it) Business English courses for local companies. I have recently become involved in teacher training (collaborative/task based face-to-face project work) and online learning and tutoring.

I am in the process of setting up a moodle "emoderator's exchange" (http://www.echatbox.com) with Sheila (also in this group). I?ve only just started learning about wiki and all its features so I'm sorry I can't create anything snazzy quite yet!


To hear my odeo order you can click on: http://odeo.com/audio/604497/view


Look forward to learning and sharing with you all!








Elderbob Here! I'm not an English Teacher, but I am a Webhead and I have hung out with you guys for so long, that I sometimes feel like I am one of you. I like to think of myself as an infopreneur or a mad scientist, cowboy or an eldercoach. You may have your own opinion about me, and that's fine as long as you keep it to yourself. Actually, I am glad to be listed here, and am honored to be a part of Vance's Web Presence 2.0 efforts.

Please take a moment or two to visit the experimental Portal at Elderville. I will be putting this site together for the duration of the course based on things we will be discovering and discussing. You can also join us at the Elderuniversity Moodle where most of the material for "Building a Web Presence through Open Source, Web-based Portals" is found. I will also be posting to the \"...from the side of the highway...\" blog on a semi-daily basis. You might want to add that to your RSS aggregator or check in often. Finally, there are several ways you can reach me and you can find them here. .

Well, I was t r y i n g to edit this page and then got the message that I was doing so and that I had 9 minutes to do it!!

..so here is my frapper photo again and I hope it codes out properly ....hello friends. This is my second year here and I am happy to participate. See you all later and hello to Valentina in Napoli!

Looks like my link didn't work and I don't know why!!!



if that If


Hi here's Lucy and I'm struggling to keep up, am rather overwhelmed by all the info. Here's a link to a web page I made for English teachers. Teacher's Toolbox

Hello this is Mel making a somewhat timid introduction. Here's an audio introduction WOW It worked! This is an mp3 file of the introduction


Hi from Bolu, Turkey. I am Sedat Akayoglu and I am working as a Research Assistant at Abant Izzet Baysal University and I still studying on my MA Thesis, which is about the social interaction in internet environments, particularly when synchronous CMC tools are used. Last week, I joined a conference entitled "Using Information Technology for Public Diplomacy: Focus on English Language Programs" in Budapest and I presented a poster there. The main topics of my poster were "the Webheads", their activities, especially WIAOC 2005 and Tapped In. The people were impressed very much with our community. I tried to do my best to represent the Webheads effectively and I think I managed it. Thanks to Arif Altun, who introduced me to you and thanks to all Webheads for their great ideas.




Hi, my name's Martin. I'm an EFL teacher and part-time Study Centre Manager at Bell International in London. We have 4 UK schools, 1 in Malta, 1 in Geneva, and several partner schools and projects in Europe, China and Libya. We have a network of Win 2000 PCs linked via the school intranet.

I'm just completing an MEd in Educational technology by distance at Manchester University. My dissertation topic is an exploration of the potential roles of technology in an ESP (aviation English) context. Things haven't gone as smoothly as I'd originally hoped, but that's another story.

Last year I did an MEd unit titled 'Computers in Context' in which we explored a number of issues around CM distance learning. During the unit I experimented with making an individual blog here's the link. We also experimented with making a small group blog here's the link.

I did my assignment on the role of synchronous text-based chat in language learning and also wrote up my learner diary in which I reflected on the experience of being a distance learner using both sychronous CMC (e.g. chatrooms) and asynchronous CMC (e.g. bulletin boards and blogs).

It's great to be part of this informal group of like-minded people and I hope to get to know you all a lot more!

Here's a picture of me, taken a couple of years ago by a very charming Korean student:



Yet another intro! :-)


Hello from Susan Marandi, an Iranian Webhead! I did my PhD in TEFL and am an assistant professor at Al-Zahra (aka Azzahra) University in Tehran, Iran. Can't think of anything else to say at the moment; I'm sort of overwhelmed by all the links and webpages and not really sure where I should be or what I should be doing! Right now I feel like a very muddled moodler! %-)


P.S. Take a look at my first attempt at an EFL WebQuest if you had the time.

Struggling with html, Susan @>---;-



Hi, my name's Sonia Triana. I'm an EFL teacher at Javeriana University in Bogotá, Colombia. I have a B.A in Education and Modern Languages and a Specialization in Multimedia. I haven't written using HTML since those days back in 1997...didn't know that Wiki requires that. I have to confess that I copied parts from my fellow webheads( my apologies) while I remember my HTML and become more familiar with Wiki.


I'm trying understand and practice all the information from this EVO experience, and I'm having a lot of fun meeting this community of webheads!



**Yaodong was here and left these photos from his recent trip to Italy

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